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Default The Official Feedback/Development Thread

Hi all -

After a bit of private messaging and in-person networking, I've come to the conclusion that polyamory needs something akin to what offers for kinksters. An online community - not primarily a dating site - that allows individuals, couples, triads, and so on to meet and engage with other poly or poly-curious folks online.

I suspect that a niche social network has been needed for some time, but websites like okCupid, fetlife, and polymatchmaker have satisfied the community in the same way that a cookie might satisfy someone who's hungry for cake. I think it's time we baked ourselves a cake .

So, core construction has officially started. Here are some of the features that you can expect to see:
  • Free for all
  • User Profiles - About Me, Looking For, Activity Feed / Wall, Friends, Photos
  • Privacy Settings - I understand how important privacy is. Users will have control over who sees what, with "what" being pretty much everything.
  • Groups - User-created groups with moderation and the option to be geo-specific ("Nashville Poly Group" for example). User-created discussions within groups.
  • Events - User-created events with moderation and the option to be geo-specific.

My goal here is to create something simple, easy to use, and - more importantly - something that the community has directed. I see myself as an animator; I have a core set of features and some practical limitations but for the most part, I want you to determine how the various components culminate into a final product.

I've created this thread so you can voice your concerns, thoughts, opinions... anything related to this project.

I'll be updating this periodically to reflect progress that has been made:


M0: Domain purchased [DONE]
M1: Logo Designed [DONE]
M2: Splash Page [DONE]
M3: User Registration
M4: Basic Profile Creation
M5: Private Messaging, User Search, Friendship
M6: Privacy Settings Revisited, Advanced Settings
M7: Profile Walls
M8: Activity Feed
MX: Groups
MY: Events

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