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Originally Posted by JaneQSmythe View Post
Poly/Relationship Views:
I've known I was poly since ...always (well before the word came into usage, according to Wikipedia, in 1990). I'm a huge fan of classic science fiction and Heinlein has been my favorite author.
Hey, me too! I just registered on the forum, and find it pretty amusing that this is the very first post that I read. Been reading Heinlein for about 25yrs, since a young teen, and I just loaned a few copies to my girlfriend. She tried The Cat Who Walks Through Walls but ...gasp! Didnt like it! I was pretty surprised....but ah well, still like her anyway.

Guess it would make sense that Heinlein would be popular in the Poly community. I'm new here, but I will post something else about myself...just wanted to share my love for Heinlein.

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