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I didn't realize that producers of Emmy-award winning television shows were not given real email addresses. With all the prestige that goes with an Emmy, I would have thought a non-yahoo address would be the minimum the network would give you.

I mean shucks. I'm just an average Jane from Canada, and I have two domains myself. I also have a university account for when I want to be all official-like. When we used to run a home-based business, we also had one for that. It's called professionalism. Might want to look into that...

Also, assuming TEAMeight refers somehow to your syndicated Emmy-award winning show... why are you so neglected by Google?

Or was "Emmy" just the name of your daughter, and when you recorded her kindergarten graduation, she made you a really nice award out of play-dough?

shucks... you couldn't even get ... 91? What, are you 21?

[edit] Oh, I see... the posting and editing time stamps tell me you added all that producer stuff after hyperskeptic inquired into your credentials. Nope... that's not the least bit suspicious...

Dude. Next time you lie, pick something at least a little bit credible.

We've actually given lots of information to lots of people from the "outside." All you have to do is ask nicely and tell us what it's actually for, and not be all creepy and suspicious. See, in polyamory, one thing we really value is honesty. So when you start off with a lie, it really sets the stage for ridicule and disinterest.
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