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Originally Posted by ThatGirlInGray View Post
Firstly, "need" and "all" are very absolute words. "strong desire for" and "most" would probably be more accurate. And maybe the OP and I do have dependency issues, but so? I probably have dependency issues, frankly, but I'm doing alright. The key is that I know myself, know what I need and want, and can communicate effectively enough to find partners that are ok with my needs and wants. Neither MC nor TGIB have a problem with the amount of alone time they get compared to together time, so what does it matter if I'm a little on the dependent side? Who am I hurting? I said I didn't like to be alone, not that I couldn't be alone. There's a big difference. The OP is saying she wants more time with her bf, not that she can't function without him. Also a big difference.
What does it matter if you're a little on the dependent side? Well, if it doesn't matter to you, and it doesn't matter to your partners, then it certainly doesn't matter to me.

Now myself, personally, I like to identify all the aspects of my character that can be improved, and then explore what I can do to make those improvements. I feel like that makes me constantly grow as a person. I also find that my relationships, work life, and frankly all aspects of my life seem to improve as I make positive changes in my own life. And I like it when things improve.

I would also like to point out that I did not refer to anyone in particular in my post. So any similarities you draw between my post and your life, and any need you feel to be defensive, are more indicative of your own insecurities and/or worries than they are of my judgement of you (of which there was none, as I do not know you from Jonah).

If we meet all our needs ourselves what's the point of having any relationships? I agree putting all that burden on ONE person isn't fair. No one person should be the center of my world and reason for being, not even myself. I live for myself, my kids, my partners, my family, my friends, the kids I help at work...
I don't know... what's the point of eating chocolate if all my dietary needs can be met by the food pyramid? Oh right... because chocolate is awesome.
As I am sure any cat owner will be able to tell you,
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