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Originally Posted by km34 View Post
That's how I felt, but she's told me flat out that she would prefer me to not go at all, so no matter what I'm going to feel guilty (whether it is logical or not is another issue).
Look, guilt gets you nowhere, so don't even give in to that temptation - and it's totally unfair and mean of her to try and guilt-trip you. She has to realize that the error that was made here was when she said she was okay with you going, and then backpedaling. She now has to accept the consequences because you made arrangements with other people, and you are being more than generous by going and not having sex with anyone other than Keith. You're not obligated to abide by her preference not to go at all, she's just letting you know what she would rather have happen, but you both have a choice on how to handle it.
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