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So, it's been a while since I've posted. There have been some changes going into this new year; our relationship with Pretty Lady has ended, but the friendship remains. I won't say that I'm not disappointed, but I understand and respect her reasoning.

I've noticed a change in myself too; I am no longer afraid to express who I am and have stopped caring if people accept me or not; this goes for poly and for being kinky. Tuesday, Runic Wolf and I spent the day with Wendigo. It was intense, being loved by the two of them again. . . .teeth, nails, spankings *shivers*. . . . I was a very happy lady. Afterwards, we just hung out, laying on the couch talking; Wendigo and I browsed the internet for corset armor ideas for this year's Dagorhir season, while Runic Wolf and Yoda played Skylanders. After Yoda went to bed, we played Words with Friends, watched Runic Wolf play Space Marine and I introduced Wendigo to this board and The Bird Cage. I'm not sure if he will be joining us here or not, but he's more of a lurker than a poster anyway.

Wednesday we joined FetLife; Runic Wolf has been on there for a couple years now, so he finds it funny that we're "in NRE with a website", but at the same time it lead to a couple good discussions about what my kinks actually are. So who knows, maybe we'll hit up a few local poly munches or a few BDSM munches. I'm keeping myself open to any possibilities; hoping that Runic Wolf will do the same. I really do want him to find someone who isn't afraid of him being married AND who shares some of the kinks that I don't. A wife can hope, can't she?
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