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Boundaries....every poly relationship has boundaries. I have read a lot of stories, posts, and blogs on this site and others, were some poly relationship boundaries are broken by someone in the relationship.

My boundary...No longterm, intimate, sexual relationship with any man. Friendships are cool with anyone, dates cool, hanging out cool, but no sex. (men only)

Her boundaries:
1) No anal play with another woman at all (even if she wants it)
2) No hurting their feelings, if it's just sex she has to know
3) No fingers in strippers at the club
4) No sleeping with strippers
5) I (PK) want to meet the woman(s) that you have sex with

What PK really wants (for me) is that I have a steady girlfriend, that I will eventually fall in love with (even if she can't have another man).

My thoughts, I can't intimately and sexually love two (or more) women at the same time. My fear is if I give her what she want, then my love for her will deminish. I know (now) that there are folks that can do this...I am not one of them.

I don't want to have sex with other women...because I feel that it is unfair to PK. This is something that I told her a while ago before I ever knew about her Poly feelings. Now that I do know, and moved past the 'manipulation' feelings, I want sex with other women...I think that I (on some unknown level) feel the need to be with another to start the healing from the (pontetial) lose of PK.

I can't wait until she gets back from this deployment...I'll see her next month when I visit her but she won't be back until April.

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