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Ugh... Fiona just texted me... Apparently she's NOT okay with me going to the club. Earlier we'd agreed we would try to play with someone together before doing things separately. Well, she and Mario haven't been putting in any effort at all. Now the last week and a half or so, Mario has been working like crazy so it hasn't been an option, but what about all the time before that? Mario isn't interested in going to the club, so we pretty much have to meet another woman or a couple that will be willing to play with all of us or at least me and Fiona together, although if it is a couple then it has to be all of us since Mario and Fiona don't play separately. But anytime I mention trying to find someone, they put it off.

So, Keith is at work and won't be able to text for at least another 2 hours. Fiona is texting me now, and I have no idea what to say to Fiona. She doesn't want me to cancel our plans because it makes her feel guilty, but she doesn't want me going because it makes her feel insecure or jealous or something similar to those emotions. I feel like sh*t either way, because if I cancel, Keith (and the people we are supposed to meet at the club) are disappointed and if I don't cancel, Fiona is upset.

I'm glad she's telling me how she feels about it, but I wish she would have said so in the beginning BEFORE I told Keith and the other people that we would go. I told her we got invited before responding to the invitation to see how she felt about it. When she said ok, I thought she meant OK!

I feel like this is my fault. I don't know if I should have just told Fiona that I won't play with ANYONE (except Keith) but that Keith wants to go for the atmosphere so we are going to go anyway - which would be kind of a compromise- OR if I should have told Keith we just can't go at all until Fiona is 100% okay with it - which would be ignoring Keith's wishes to make Fiona feel better. Either way, I would have taken a strong stance instead of being all wishy-washy. UGH!
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