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polykat, is the back story outlined in the original post essential correct?

Is the transcrpit of the texts exchanged accurate?

What time of day or night did all this texting start? 7am or 11:30 after coming home from being out and having a few?

Did he ask you to marry him via text? Whats the protocol on death notifications? I view this as a pretty big deal in a relationship dynamic and I guess I like to look into someones eyes a read the things that words cant convey. God I wish I could fire people by sending them an email or text ...I could craft it and recraft ...edit ...then just fire it off....poof done. If you and some others here think its no big deal that's great however your problem is with the guy you sent them to...consensus here might not change his opinion. I don't think he's out of line on this. Just my opinion.

The ring ...gets into that ownership

Any talk about who's paying for the wedding ? Because if he kicks in...that could be problems down the road ..don't remember the exact argument now but those here who put that forth will be glad to share it again. Wait It's got to be that ownership thing again.

I will say its better to get this out...on the table now ...before the marriage then good job on that.

Good luck to you both
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