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Originally Posted by IsobelR View Post
I don't quite agree with that. From personal experience, I believe that some are born poly and have a deep desire to live as such, whilst some can choose it. Myself and my boyfriend are very definitely in the first category. His wife, my girlfriend, agreed for me to be in his life, not wanting/anticipating a relationship beyond friendship for she and I. Months later, we're in a triad.
True enough, but he has said he is monogamous. As in, does not want other emotionally connected relationships. That isn't about poly dating or poly identity. He is not poly, period. At least that is what I am getting.

(I love it when people throw my theories back in my face. Wow, someone actually agreed with my theory about poly dating and poly identity somewhere along the line! Thanks for the feed back! Even if it was vicariously )
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