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About ready to dash my cell phone off the balcony and do without a phone! POS! Can NOT wait four more months for upgrade time! No money to buy another either. I WILL make it through, I will make it, I will make it!

No work tomorrow (today) as it's super slow so they're forcing us to take a day off (vacation or lay off, take your pick). Not happy about this as I don't have the money in my vacation accrual to make the day a vacation day and can't afford to have it other wise. Fortunately, for my mental state, the decision was taken out of my hands and they voluntold us that we weren't working *sigh*.

Health--allergies suck. Hoping the day off will help alleviate some of it.

Kids--exam time so stressed.

Relationships--awesome! Breathes is his usual wonderful self. Possibility.....well, he's Possibility, 'nuff said.
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