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Default Favourite movies thread

I hope it's ok to make a thread where poly people can post a link to a preview of a favourite movie of theirs and maybe talk about it a bit? I know there are threads about poly movies, or movies that would have been better with a poly ending, but just wanted a thread for poly people's favourite movies; may or may not have poly in it or been better with a poly ending type thing.. well, assuming it's ok, here goes one of my favourite movies that I just watched:


God I loved this movie. The idea of sharing dreams, just wow. I guess this could be considered somewhat poly.. it's certainly pretty intimate. I've been a fan of Christopher Nolan, who likes to both write and direct his films, ever since he did Memento; Memento became my favourite melancholy movie. But I like Inception even more. And the music, man the music. I've been listening to some of the pieces ever since I saw the movie about a week ago.. really one of those films I don't think I'll ever forget.
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