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Originally Posted by RunicWolf View Post

Jesus himself never makes mention of homosexuality, if memory serves me right. You know what he does mention a lot? Love. He wanted his new followers to love, and accept one another no matter their backgrounds. Jews, Gentiles, Romans, all accepted for who they are. Is sleeping around with both genders a crime? Jesus forgave and hung around with a prostitute. I think that's a pretty clear indicator that Jesus is pretty forgiving of "sexual deviance" just so long as you believe and act in accordance with how he wanted us to live.
Good points... here's another. Jeremiah 3:15 calls Israel's King David "a man after God's own heart". David, who was married to several wives and had a vast number of concubines. A man who seduced and married Bathsheba - and was condemned for lying and having her husband killed so he could have her, not for loving the woman.
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