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Default Hello, y'all!

It's a new world! I am a MWM who has been in a monogamous marriage for 18 years; it has been a struggle. I have never felt completely fulfilled and always enjoyed interacting with women online and occasionally otherwise. I have always loved my wife, and struggled with reconciling that with my desires to stray. It has always been a pursuit in addition to, not in place of. We finally talked enough to agree to try an open marriage... I have been chatting with a new FB profile and have made a couple of serious on-line relationships... one intensely so. About the same time, I stumbled across a polyamory site and have been fascinated since! It was such an amazing feeling to see and read stories and ideas I totally felt and could relate to, despite what decades of society's teachings have pounded into me...

Now I am dealing with the issues of keeping my wife secure and adding another wonderful woman and her kids to our family AND coming out - to whom, when, many issues created by the monogomites making all the rules...
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