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Originally Posted by JaneQSmythe View Post
I'm a huge fan of classic science fiction and Heinlein has been my favorite author since the age of 12. Many of my views on sex and relationships were/are quite obviously Heinlein influenced...
Same here, though I took a more roundabout way into Heinlein, starting with the juvenile adventure (JA) books (Have Space Suit, Will Travel is still one of my favourites, and my oldest daughter has read it, too) and then moving into the Lazarus Long books. I actually didn't read Stranger until after I was married and WOW! what an eye-opener. Still read 'em, still love 'em.

And of course, we won't get into all of the Asimov, Clarke, Bova, Stephenson and others I've inhaled over the years...

Anyways, welcome!

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