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Originally Posted by newguy View Post
... I know it may seem abrasive (because I really meant it that way), but when I get 'attack' for my beleives/feelings, I go straight into defensive must be the Alpha in me.
Um, hello? Nobody attacked you. Where'd you get that idea?

If someone tells you they think it's unfair for you to require PK to be with women when she really doesn't have an interest in women and would rather be with men, that is called offering you an opinion, or another viewpoint you may not have considered. If this is any indication of how you "listen"... no wonder there are communication issues in your relationship and she brought the idea of poly up in a text message. She probably didn't want to deal with the fallout of your reaction.

AND I can tell you that being called unfair will probably be the general consensus here - forcing someone you love to be with people she doesn't want to be with because of your insecurities... ugh. The idea of the "Alpha male" is meaningless and inconsequential here. That is no way to treat someone you care about.
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