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Originally Posted by dingedheart View Post
Wow SG,

I think you beating around the bush so speak ...why not just answer Scott directly.

Scott will eventually learn the truth. Its just a matter of looking back at some your old postings.

The truth is she pissed that the box ( pun intended) that she fits in (again pun intended) is not represented. Let just say it starts with F and rhymes with misting.

Also, I know she's probably too embarrassed to tell you but she is a huge sucker for song lyrics which is why she didn't respond....actually it all kind of embarrassing ....but we love her so what ya going to do.

See SG don't you better now?...I know do

I might have to come out of retirement for this.
Oh, I see. I think you're saying that she may have liked those song lyrics that I put up in a response to her, which is cool. And as to um.. the F thing, I think I get you.. I admit that I've never done something like that to a woman, but I'm willing to learn if a partner would want it. I miss having a girlfriend, laugh :-).
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