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Originally Posted by SourGirl View Post
In my opinion, The whole thing should at least have the default of being in a 'non-monogamy' balloon. When we were swinging, if I said to a swinger I was in an open-relationship,.. I would be told ' Ohh, you want feelings, or some kind of relationship involved ?'
I say to poly people, 'open relationship' and I hear ' Ohhh, you just want to fuck ?'
I think we can all agree that friends with benefits, or having feelings and sexual times with people we care for, but maybe don't engage in a forward-moving relationship with, is not some small niche ? It`s a rather large chunk of dating.

So, some of the definitions are a little broader, and could actually be funnier, if there was some more well-rounded humour.

Why does any of this matter on a supposedly 'funny' chart ?

Because people use his labelling and opinion like its some type of poly-bible to go by. Newbies and even people that know better, tend to stick to his word.

I tried to deny this for a long time, but dating and conversing online, has proven otherwise. If only I made some kind of cash off of every Franklin link someone has sent me, trying to 'correct' me.

When you suggest to those people that it`s just an opinion, they seem very confused. 'THIS IS HOW POLY IS DONE DAMMIT !'

So my little jaded-self just figures if he is going to have all this in-depth, 'This is how we do it' stuff, that people recommend, then some accountability in both the humour and practical would be nice.
Makes sense. I still think we should edit his chart. As the old saying goes, if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. Ofcourse, by we I'm hoping someone other then me because I'm lazy ;-).
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