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Default bi-monogamy, what is it?

My friend wrote this the other day and I wondered your thoughts on it.

"This was the question I asked a girl who lists herself bi and has criteria for both a male and a female partner. Her profile doesn't give any other hints to her, um, "quantitative orientation", so the question popped out.

Afterwards, I found the term "bi-monogamous" kind of curious. I wasn't sure if it was something I'd seen before or if it was one of those neologisms my mind makes up and just tries to pass off as normal everyday parlance. I googled it, and found a lot of discussion on the dissonance of being bisexual AND monogamous, but no references to the term "bi-monogamous". Has anyone seen this before? Is there another term for this already? Finally, what would your answer to the original question be?"

Is this a form of Poly-fi?
Is this related to the term "closed loop relationship?"
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