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Originally Posted by SNeacail View Post
It doesn't sound like she WANTS a relationship with a woman, but that's all that you will allow. So PK has to have relations ONLY with same sex partners, but it's OK for you to have relations with the opposite sex. Yeah, so I get to eat steak and any other meat I want, but you have to be vegetarian, because I'm the Alpha and declare it to be so. In all fairness, you should be looking for a boyfriend and stay away from other girls.

Some people have taken YEARS to get to a point where they are comfortable having their partner move past platonic stages in their outside relationships. Learn, read, discuss, ruminate and discuss some more then take things super SLOOOOW! Most importantly, make sure your relationship with PK is the best it can be BEFORE doing anything. Just my opinion.
WOW...Thanks for your opinion???...

Ok...a little about me, I have no idea how to 'sugar coat' things so here goes...

I'm not sure what to think about your first, you say that I'm not shit because of how I feel and then you say give her what she wants...

Maybe there are some more things you should know....
1) I don't want another relationship with another's just sex I'm searching for (only because we are physically separated at this time) Now can PK also do this you may ask so let me say this...I offered her that exact opportunity (to have a break from us while we are separated and she could fuck who she wanted) and she turned it down
2) I never intended on have another woman (relationship or sex) while we are together...when PK offered to let me be with other women, I declined (again, only searching for a sex replacement until she gets back)
3) PK don't want to have just sex with a guy (I maybe could handle that) but she wants a relationship...I don't see that happening and this is known by her...I even told her that I'm not the man for her and tried to break off our engagement but neither of us wanted that...
4) Her being with another woman (relationship or just sex) don't bother me at all...and it is not because I want to join's just the way MY mine works
5) I told PK that she could have a platonic relationship with however many men she want...she declined saying that it may not be fair to them if they wanted sex...I think it would be that they both may want sex

About our relationship is getting better now that she (sometimes) communicates with me as openly as I have ALWAYS communicated with her...that peice of advice I take to heart....the rest of you "opinion" sucks...but that's just my 'opinion'.

Last thing please don't take offense to my response, I know it may seem abrasive (because I really meant it that way), but when I get 'attack' for my beleives/feelings, I go straight into defensive must be the Alpha in me.

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