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From reading what you have been posting about PK and yourself....your relationship and your thoughts....You say in one post you are NOT ok with being in a polyamorous relationship and that she must choose between you or him...Also the texts...she is saying you NEED to have sex with another woman....You do not NEED to have sex with anyone you do not want to!!! She is saying she needs you to sleep with and have a relationship with another woman...because she needs to understand how she is feeling. This is completely out of line and i find this disgusting that she would pressure you (the person she loves) Into having sex and a relationship with a woman you do not want. What she NEEDS is to sort out her feelings threw herself and not by using you as an experiment.

You now you seem to have come around to the idea of being polyamourous...but she wants a girlfriend ....just like herself and you want a second partner just like her.... This all seems a little messy.

Will this all lead to happy healthy relationships in the long run? four people...Three of which are very similar. I'll admit it would be interesting to explore a relationship with someone similar to myself but i dont think i could cope in the long term haha...Maybe you all could, but people are amazing because we're all different...There are many different forms of Love and affection. Cloning your partner and her wanting another version of herself for a relationship?!...You should both experience people in their own varieties and love them as they are...not base them all on one person.

From what i have read in your posts....I think you need more time to think about what you want and i think that you need to talk more to PK about how you feel....Communication is everything! talking about what you're ok with and what you feel is not ok...Your limits and your feelings are important! she should respect what you want and how you are feeling!
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