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Originally Posted by newguy View Post
MONO, I don’t think that I can have another ‘relationship;

Swinger, I can have (unemotional) sex with another;

Alpha, I need to be the only male (can’t wait to hear how wrong I am for this one);
Ok, as long as she's okay with this. Not the way I'd do it, but to each his own.

Poly-Supportive, PK can have other (sexual) relationships with women only.
Not getting this one. How is it POLY-supportive if she is only allowed to have SEXUAL relationships? Poly isn't about sex. The swinging would be about sex. Being Poly-Supportive to me would be being okay with and supportive of her having other romantic, long term, emotional relationships with other women (still respecting your Alpha male deal).

So my two questions (other than WTF) are:

1) What is your opinion on the method of how I found out and what how would you felt if you found out this way?

2) How did you tell (or how were you told) your partner/spouse about poly...meaning face-to-face, planned dinner, surprise poly-party, ect?
1 - I think I would have been pissed. I know having difficult conversations is easier via text/email/IM, but it is a terrible way to have something dropped on you. I'm guilty of breaking news to people like this, too, so I'm not and couldn't pass judgment, but yeah. I don't blame you for being upset about it.

2 - I told my husband one night while we were lying in bed talking that I'd like him to look into polyamory. I told him I'd done some reading, and it was something I'd like to be able to discuss with him more in depth. So, it was face-to-face, not really planned but we always have our discussions on what's on our minds before we go to sleep so not really surprising that it came up then.
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