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Hi RadiantHeart: Thank you for your intelligent and thoughtful post; you've posed some excellent questions. My first thought is that if you had a good facilitator for this group, perhaps it might have gone differently. I've been poly for 16 years and lived with the folks who created the term "polyamory" (Oberon and Morning Glory Zell) and I learned much from them. They are very close friends with my husband and I and we all have long histories with each other. I'm also Pagan and while living in No Calif as a Pagan, I became a member of the Church of All Worlds which is based on "Stranger in a Strange Land" and the principles of poly and it was also the first Pagan church in the U.S., receiving 501c3 status in 1968. Almost everyone in the church was poly and Pagan - rituals at Beltane were a blast! I am 57 y.o., my husband of 8 yrs is 66 and we have always been poly. There are very few poly Pagans here and none of them live anywhere close to me, that I've found yet. Being poly works well for us and I think it goes hand in hand with being Pagan; unfortunately, it seems that much of the U.S. Pagans haven't quite gotten that idea yet, at least not here - we moved to Tennessee 7 yrs ago because we wanted to live on some acreage and homestead. What area do you live in?
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