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Originally Posted by neegoola View Post
if one feels in Loving Jesus the Christ i think this person should read whatever was written about Him;
"jesus the Essene" Meaurois-Givaudan which i think is the best calibrated and closer to "truth";
a composition work about Jesus by Gibran;
"unconditioned love" don't remember who wrote it
"the dead sea scrolls"
"the Aquarian gospel"
"apocryphal gospels" which have been censored, but it's worth reading;
"juda's gospel" which has been one of my favourites: jesus CAN laugh and has a different genuinity in consciousness -missing in the official altered 4 gospels.

AND if one wants to discover the Christ, weel i think Looking around would be enough, but there is also:
"the murder of Christ" W.Reich
I've read most of these for various religious courses I took in college, a few just for pleasure as well.

Honestly, I stopped responding to this thread because I felt like it wasn't really a discussion. It was people stating their views and denouncing other people's views which is not what I come here for. I'm glad people enjoyed a chance to put what they think out here, though.
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