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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
This is just in the canonical gospels alone. The evidence in gnostic gospels is even stronger, but they were banned, partly because gnostic Christianity was too feminist and esoteric for the goals of Constantine and later Roman rulers.
thanks, Mag, i recall an important thing that i want to add to this thread (even if it seems that KM flew away -probably other kind of answering was waited for?) and i hope that BrigidDaughter@wiil read here 'cause i didn't have "time" to reach you under this aspect but i find it very important both if we think about stopping this (as i wrote before your last answer) or we keep on talking:

if one feels in Loving Jesus the Christ i think this person should read whatever was written about Him;
"jesus the Essene" Meaurois-Givaudan which i think is the best calibrated and closer to "truth";
a composition work about Jesus by Gibran;
"unconditioned love" don't remember who wrote it
"the dead sea scrolls"
"the Aquarian gospel"
"apocryphal gospels" which have been censored, but it's worth reading;
"juda's gospel" which has been one of my favourites: jesus CAN laugh and has a different genuinity in consciousness -missing in the official altered 4 gospels.

AND if one wants to discover the Christ, weel i think Looking around would be enough, but there is also:
"the murder of Christ" W.Reich

after these and other readings, one knows waht's talking about and can choose; at that point, KM34, the question "am i too naif?" would not come anymore on your lips..
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