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Default I miss PK...

Ok...something that you didn't know...PK is away for her job and she left in last year...she is scheduled to get back in April...I'm going to visit her next month...

Now, all of our Poly talks came after she fact, she left in October, I visited her in December (no talks) and she told me about her being Poly in January....over a text...think I'll go to the relationship corner and ask about that...anyway, I miss her a lot. Not just the awesome sex but the company all together.

I realized the other day that usually, after we argue, that we have GREAT make-up sex. PK says it just sex and maybe I think it great is because our horniness goes away during our arguments and come back strong when we stop. Whatever it is, it is GREAT SEX afterwards. Since she has been away, we have had some big arguments with no make-up sex...I WANT MY MAKE-UP SEX!!!

But I'll settle for having her lay on my arm and fall asleep watching TV with me...I miss you, love you, and need you PK!!!
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