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Default PK and I are on the Hunt

PK and I are both looking for girlfriends...She wants a relationship with a girl that's just like her (this is almost 'Mission Impossible') to start a relationship with that will last a while...I want somone just like her to have sex with (not quite 'Mission Impossible" cause I will settle).

PK has never been with a woman, in fact, she has only kissed one (no tongue) on the mouth. I think that she won't be satisfied with this relationship (if it happens as all) for very long. I'm happy that she is willing to try because of our boundaries (ok, MY boundary of no men) but until recently, when they lifted the band, the thought of her being with other women never crossed her mind. In fact, it was my 'boundary' that brought up this feeling because she feels she needs more than one relationship. Not sure how I feel about that yet.

Our search has us on different websites looking, we both are getting frustrated at all of the (how can I say it) 'not our type' women on these sites. But, we both have decided to press on with our searches.
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