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Originally Posted by rory View Post
I't hard to say why I dislike it. I like the one Nycindie brought better. It's clearer, but I'm not sure that's my main reason.
Wow, just noticed that link Nycindie put up. Cool.

Originally Posted by rory View Post
There was a quote from SourGirl
I`d say it doesn`t because much like his other supposed tongue-n-cheek stuff,...the humour is boiled in his own truths.

I think this is the thing. It's a joke, but I feel it makes value-judgements an promotes stereotypes, which I am not sure are helpful...

I'm not sure if changes are needed, though, if the point of it is to be funny and not so much to offer clarity.
I don't see why it can't be funny -and- offer clarity.
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