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I'm not sure how you managed to get his name wrong when it's on the image itself :P
And I would prefer an image that didn't stretch out of my screen. Anyway to have a thumbnail there instead?

Other than that, I like the chart. I find it complete, I'm wondering what's the situation of all the people who feel it doesn't account for them?

Actually, I would say it has too many options. Like, lots of BDSM stuff that I feel doesn't really have much to do with polyamory (BDSM isn't part of your relationship orientation, it's something different altogether). I feel like it's like he had a different section for people who like oral sex more than intercourse, of something. Nothing to do with how many partners you have.

Same thing with con sex, I'm not sure why it matters where you meet your partners, or why a con would be so different from, say, a bar.

I would simplify the chart a whole lot, really. I usually link to it only when I'm trying to show that there are lots of ways to live nonmonogamously, and not just one.
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