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My sister and her husband are well on their way of figuring out my and Fiona's relationship, I'm sure... Oh, well. It was really only a matter of time, and I am fairly certain Fiona is okay with them knowing as long as nothing gets awkward (which it won't). So, yes. That's one thing I'm not too worried about anymore.

Keith and I also got invited to the swing club by some people we met there last time. I told Fiona, she seemed completely okay with it, even more so after I said I'd come hang out with her Saturday morning/afternoon before we go since we usually spend Saturday evenings together and we won't be this week. I wasn't sure how she'd react since this couple only seemed interested in Keith and me, even though the four of us were pretty much a unit the last time we were at the club. So far so good, though.

Other than that, not much is going on. I'm enjoying it.
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