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(Not-So?) Short Intro:

37 y/o poly bi female, hinge in V with husband, MrS, (together for 20 years, married for 16) and bf, Dude, (I first met 20 mos ago, together for 9 mos). Dude has been essentially living with us since the the day we “got together” (we tease him that he is such a U-haul lesbian...>smile<). One bedroom house, one king-size bed – I get the middle. (Dude sleeps on the couch if MrS is snoring too loud). No kids. Two dogs, one cat, one snake.

I've known I was poly since ...always (well before the word came into usage), and known I was bi since my (then future) husband pointed out that being attracted to and sleeping with men and women was, by definition, “bisexuality” (who knew you needed a word for that? My answer to “Are you straight or gay?” was always just “no”).

MrS: 39 y/o straight (“but not narrow”) male, probably monogamous, and can apparently read my mind...

Dude: 34 y/o hetero male, poly (although he didn't know the word until he met me) and perpetually horny...

MrS and Dude were friends for a year or two before I was introduced to Dude.

I have two very relaxed LDR FWB type relationships (of 19 and 5 years duration) with bisexual women who have primary type relationships with men.

Back in the TCP/IP days on the internet (early to mid '90s) I used to lurk and occasionally post to alt.polyamory on Usenet (under a different pseudonym). But as nothing was changing in my own personal poly life I drifted away. Now with a radical shift in my situation (i.e. Dude) I find myself in need of some poly community conversation – and am so pleased to find you all here and the conversations thriving.

(Oh yeah, other things you might notice about me – I am a.) long-winded and b.) overly fond of parenthetical asides...and ellipses >grin<. I wrote a whole lot more, but decided that, as my “not-so-short” intro, was running to 3 pages I should probably just cut it to the basics and save the rest for a blog-type thread...if I get around to it... I am also a massive procrastinator.)
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