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Default Clear thinking

Originally Posted by ms74 View Post
Since then I have been going back and forth if I want to know what happens between them. I don't think she tells him what happens between us so I go back and forth if I want to know if I have a right to know. So looking for some advice.

Do I have a right to know? If so if anyone can answer should I know? As in is it helpful or hurtful? I think I want to know because of my jealousy but I am trying so hard to control that feeling. I am confused please help.
My friend, you seem to have been into a lot of "deep thinking based on assumptions". As you think "deep into the matter" you will hold backlog of assumptions.

You might consider replacing few assumptions with facts that your gf would like to disclose.

Then you myt get more thoughts that can ease the relationship further.

B cool. B sweet.
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