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Originally Posted by Ceoli View Post
When I read my list it does seem really stringent, but I think I basically put it out that way to make sure that my potential partners are approaching sex with some sensibility. Like I said, I've only had to use dams for protection once since most of the time, all that stuff gets cleared up before we even get in bed together. I guess it's important for me to have partners who aren't freaked out about seriously thinking about their safe sex practices, so it's not so much about only going near people who are "clean". But I also recognize that as a young single woman without a long history of monogamy, I need to pay attention to things a bit more.
Good for you Ceoli! You are caustious. As it should be. I know what you mean though. Most of the time there is a lot of discussion and testing before getting down and dirty. I would rather wait to know and let desire build than fuss around with tons of protection just to get to bed. There is so much to do other than anything to do with fluid. I don't seem to be attracted to people who have lots of partners anyways.

Susie Bright is awesome. She's been around a while in sex positive circles.
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