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Default So much wonderful advice...

Thank-you...every reply brought up some really good points and questions. Looks like I have much thinking to do. Maybe I don't really want more from the b/f, maybe I just worry about losing what we already have.

We have no life together per se, no kids, no joint account...just moments in time. I guess I've been looking to set some kind of foundation to solidify this really great and loving relationship but can't seem to find a way, for obvious reasons.

I also wonder, as was said, how we're to go on 'dating' for 2-3 or more years. Typical mono relationships either evolve into deeper commitment or face the great 'fade out'. And I worry that once the new and shiny wears off, we'll have nothing left.

Perhaps I need to address those fears with him directly...I just hate feeling so damned insecure
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