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Is there no 'gay' neighborhood in your new town? Perhaps you don't have to go all the way back 'home,' but just to a new neighborhood in your new town.

Moving is hard and awful sometimes. I feel like I'm in another country where they share my money and speak my language, but another country, when I leave California.

I think you have an amazingly good perception, certainly a kind one. Have you checked out the resources here? I think there's a website somewhere that has referrals for poly-supportive counselors. [I went to counseling with my mom, once, after not talking to her for five years. I yelled at her and the counselor, reminding them that my history was not up for debate, and that we were in counseling to improve our relationship, and I wasn't going to spend my time defending my memories. I'm just saying, I can relate to not getting what you went to get.]

mega waves of loving-kindness in your direction <3
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