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Originally Posted by km34 View Post
Glory Road is one of my husband's and my favorite books ever! The first Heinlein I ever red. I don't think it was really poly in the book, it was more just open sexuality.
I guess.. that family where the main character was a guest of honor seemed pretty loving though, laugh :-).

Originally Posted by km34 View Post
Although, I believe the theme of loving one person not diminishing your love for another was represented even if it wasn't in a strictly romantic sense.
Yeah. Thinking of poly books, there was actually one other book that certainly had a poly element in it. It's another work of fiction, I've tended to generally just read fiction (with a few exceptions). It's called Ysabel, and details the story of 2 men who've loved the same woman for centuries and have fought countless battles for her hand. The story of mankind to some extent; the woman loves them both but, because sharing isn't an option, the battles ensue. It's finally ended by someone who ends up getting close to both of the men as well as the woman. I really liked it anyway, laugh :-).

It's from Guy Gavriel Kay, who just happens to be a Toronto, Canada author, where I've lived most of my life (though currently a bit further north).
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