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Originally Posted by Sonic View Post
The well-known fantasy/sci-fi author Ursula K. Le Guin deals with polygamy or other forms of non-monoamory in many of her tales, I could for example suggest her great collection of short stories The Birthday of the World.

The best sci-fi there is!
Didn't read that one. The only one I've read of hers was The Lathe of Heaven, which didn't seem to have any poly in it, but I still thought it was an awesome book :-). My personal favourite poly author is Robert Heinlein. Apparently he wasn't actually poly in real life (or so the official story goes), but I found his book Stranger in a Strange Land to be truly inspirational. I was told about it by someone who's a member of HAI (Human Awareness Institute), which is an international organization who are supportive of poly people. I also really liked his book Glory Road, which does have a bit of poly in it. Heinlein isn't perfect; I think that he was a product of his time, which seems to be predominantly in the 60s. That being said, I really think he had some very good ideas concerning how sexual relations between people should be like.
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