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Could you all please send good vibes, prayers and good thoughts towards Marksbabygirl`s husband, herself, and their family. For those that don`t know her, she is a member of this site. ( conincidently, started the redux of this thread.)

MBG`s husband became very ill on January 19th. At first they thought it was just a stomach-flu bug. As he has other major health problems, it soon became apparent that he needed to see a doctor.
Short version : An initial diagnosis of pancreatitis, had them believing he was very sick, but with the right treatment, he would get better.
He got worse, much worse. At one point after switching hospitals, they were told to prepare for the worse. A doctor recommended a surgery that might improve his odds, so MBG`s husband, went into surgery, and much to the relief of family and friends, survived it. He is now making small steps in the right direction.

I talked to MBG this morning, and she would really appreciate any well-wishes. There is a long recovery process as he improves. MBG will need all the care and support she can get.
If you don`t know about this already, please send prayers. Even if you don`t believe in the power of prayer for yourself, this is for someone else who does.

Thanks all.
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