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i came to put together my words for answering here
Originally Posted by BrigidsDaughter View Post
Honestly, I'm having a hard time following your train of thought here.

Who am I to tell anyone what to believe or how to worship?
and to many other open options that BD left open, and i'm very pleased to see that Magdlyn gave a very good anwering, i thank you very much

BD and RW, i was not trying to tell anyone what to do and who to " worship" if this is still for you a valid word for your relationship to Deities; i tryed to explain that it's wise to try to know truth through knowledge together with Feeling and choosing what's ok for us. i really go mad when i see that lies are been told to my sisters and they seem they don't know..

Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
Patriarchy using force to destroy the goddess worship taints the entire religion for me... and makes Abrahamic/Christo-paganism impossible.
yes, after agriculture and monotheism came, our whole system's such a long and powerful speech..

Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
The only possible way to "worship Christ" is to understand him as a spirit within each one of us
never happened, darlings, that while you "meditate" or act somehow in your own spiritual way, you may Feel souls to whom you are connected being closer than they are geographically?
once i was in the stones Circle in my sister's garden; i entered, radicated, breath few times and: my sister came outside saying "did you call me?", one of our closest friend/sister called just to say hallo, our friend/sister's cat living with my sister entered the Circle
we are all connected and the vibration (sound, words, are vibrations) of Holy Names put us together.
but: if i call Shiva or Kernunnos i may say that the result is iva "the same" because they are the same.
"as long a i live, i vow to die and be reborn, die and be reborn, die and be reborn, over and over again, forever reinventing myself" r.brezsny
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