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Originally Posted by Somegeezer View Post
Brings me to an interesting question. Songs or albums?
I'm very much an album kinda guy. What really annoys me are people who can't even listen to a full song. They change to the next one before the last one is finished. =P I love full albums, start to finish.
I tend to listen to albums, too . . . though I'm certain my collection is quite different from yours!

When I'm driving somewhere, though, I sometimes put the iPod on shuffle . . . which, in my case, is a little like riding in a malfunctioning time machine, zipping back and forth through three or four centuries of music.

(For example: Caravan Palace (recent "electro-swing"), followed by Lambert, Hendricks and Ross (jazz vocalise), followed by Hesperus (18th-century American dance music), followed by Crooked Still (alt bluegrass), followed by Django Reinhardt (original gypsy jazz), followed by Laurie Anderson (??) . . . you get the idea . . . and that doesn't even tough on Bach or Monteverdi!)
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