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Thank you! By the way, this is so new to me I'm feeling real weird. The new feelings are intense, almost "high-schoolish" in the intensity since we both verbalized that we loved each other, even though we both agree that "maybe" things would have been easier if kept at a distance and treated as the equivalent of the romanticized middle ages "courtly love", like the ideal Lancelot n Guenivere. I'm afraid, very afraid of it all blowing up in mine and my new lover's face...her husband "says" he's okay with everything, but I get a sense that he really isn't, or he's a hair away from just saying, "I was wrong, and this will not continue". I almost want to just walk away now, even though it would kill me, break my heart, to do so, on my own now rather than her hear from her husband that, "it's all got to end, and end now" for his own peace of mind. Nothing so harsh as "It's beyond my control" from Dangerous Liasons, but an end nonetheless...Is the fear normal? Is the though of ending something like this ever "good", or is it just me rationalizing and getting defensive because I'm subconsciously okay with ending it rather than be told by someone else that it's over? I'm so confused by all this...I'm 43 years old and I'm acting like a teenie-bopper who's never been dumped or been through all this before...I'm posting this even though I feel like a moron for doing so...I'm so confuzzled.


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