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Originally Posted by fuchka View Post
A really fast way to cure a crush, I've found, is to act on it and find out it's not what you imagined. Hilariously bad kisses for example and poof! The crush is gone.
Hahaha!!! That reminds me of a time, many years ago, when I had a crush on this guy. He was much taller than I, a NYC fireman, and kinda looked like Paul Newman. We had some mutual friends and met each other hanging out with them. I was really attracted to him, and flirted heavily. After a couple of weeks, he asked me out. I was giddy with anticipation.

So, there we are at dinner, and he bent his head down to look at the menu... plugs! I guess since he was so tall, and only in his 30s, I never noticed or realized he'd had a hair transplant. And it was a bad one. Seeing the plugs all lined up in rows on his scalp totally grossed me out and I was suddenly UN-crushing on him. From that moment on, in an instant - ZERO attraction!

Funny, I haven't thought about that in years.
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