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Originally Posted by Mookitten View Post
But... What if I don't want to end it? What if I

I'm a bit awkward, and shy at first. . . And, honestly, I don't feel like anyone in their right minds would think I'm worth it. At least not as a main partner.

I feel like I'm only good in small doses, or with little commitment. I really cannot see how anyone would want a monogamous relationship with me, or even for me to be their primary...
Hey Mookitten,

Being awkward and shy doesn't mean that you are only good in small doses or with little commitment.

One of my oldest and dearest friends is somebody who is so shy that I knew him for 10 years before he could speak to me without being really quite drunk. This friend is also not physically attractive and at the time, worked in a low-paid, manual job and still lived with his parents at nearly 40 years of age.

But but but - once he started to talk and to engage, he became funny, interesting (his chats with me shaped my whole adult life) and I had such a crush on him.

My crush on him came to nothing in part because my wonderful wonderful best friend confessed to me that she had a crush on him. My best friend is funny, bright, beautiful, glamorous, caring - I fell in love with her when we first met and still love her.

She and my shy, unattractive, still living with his parents friend have been happily married for years and years now.

If he is worthy of my wonderful best friend (and she of him!) then I can't believe that you are not worthy of having somebody who takes your feelings into consideration no matter how shy you are!

I wish you well.

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