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Originally Posted by BrigidsDaughter View Post
I'm doing alright, Wendigo just broke the news to us that Pretty Lady wants to go back to being just friends. She's not comfortable with all the talking required by poly; she's not really good at expressing herself, her needs, or desires to anyone but Wendigo and the game of telephone just wasn't working anymore. She was worried about hurting our feelings because she knew we really liked her. So now I guess we're a "V".
This gets extra frustrating for me. She apparently decided months ago she wanted nothing to do with us in that way, but failed to tell anyone. I've been living within boundaries set so that Pretty Lady would be okay and feel comfortable, and thus shutting down other opportunities for, well, anything.

The only good side to this is that now I don't have to push everyone away and if the option for a new, fulfilling, relationship crops up I can actually act on it. It hurts how I found out, and that it happened, but it's a good kind of pain. Like the pain after a surgery but before it's fully healed. Our relationship, or lack there of, was a major sore spot with me.
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