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Current boyfriend may mean well and has been honest in a douchy way. But you don't want the same type of relationship and he is not interested in being more accommodating to your perspective. He's honest - good - but the 'my way or the highway' thing is not ok.

Even if you don't believe it, act like you deserve better. Pretend that you deserve relationships with people who are into you, think you are great, and want to be with you. Do this and it will happen.

There are men who will love and treasure you in the manner which you deserve and want. There are many fish in the sea who will be into you, treat you well, listen and work with you on issues.

You can do this. You can be on your own. Learn who you really are - you are infinitely more than the vicious tape in your head playing over and over, telling you you are worthless.

You may have already met potential dates and didn't realize it. I missed many an opportunity in my younger days because I did not believe that a hottie was actually flirting with me. I just wasn't confident enough to recognize it. Older me would just love to go back in time and point out to younger me - 'See! Totally checking you out! That was flirting! Go talk to him/her!'. I can guarantee that this is happening to you too.

Learn from my mistakes.
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