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The problem is that he's been very clear. Whether we agree with his methods or not, the one thing I can't say about him is that he's dishonest. He's quite specifically said that if you try and stop him you can't have a relationship with him.

So take the hint and dump his ass. The two of you are HUGELY incompatible, and there is no way to "make it work" because your goals are at odds with each other.

The only reason this is working out well for him and badly for you is because he knows you won't muster the self esteem to get rid of him. As soon as you do that thing, he'll claim that he'll change his tune and use every trick he has to try and keep you, but he'll end up breaking all those promises fairly soon anyway.

I know you don't want to hear it, but this relationship is not going to work out. Time to get out.
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