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So be honest with yourself....what would this "man" (and I say that tongue in cheek as he sounds very much like a teen boy) do if you were to take sex off the table for a while?

Whether you are mono or poly is really irrelevant at this point because you are caught up in a cycle of abuse...yes, I really did just dare to say abuse. When someone repeatedly chooses to do things that they know hurt a partner and basically tells the other person to suck it up, that is abusive.

While I am being so sounds like this guy has found a way to justify his total self-centeredness. What he is practicing is not poly....not even bad poly.
This is a little boy in a mans body who has found an innocent with a low self image to take advantage of.

Please seek a counselor.
-You are a worthy human being but don't believe in yourself. -
Until you learn to love yourself, peeps will rush to take advantage of you. -When you feel good about yourself, you won't settle for being shat on.
- If you don't find a way to grow yourself esteem you will never attract the kind of love you want.
*You are worthy to be treated as a treasure....remember that and work on settling for nothing less.*
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