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Originally Posted by polychronopolous View Post
That's true. But they always wanted to "go somewhere", which just isn't for me. Now I'm so fucking old, in the entertainment world, that the whole issue is moot. I want to work for money and play music for love. Well, I'd take free money and spend the rest of my time making music if it was an option =P

The sound I am currently working on developing, when perfected, should resemble an orgy with Iron&Wine, Phosphorescent, and Neutral Milk Hotel, while Ben Cooper of Radical Face sweats in the corner. Sorry, I love fucked up metaphors. LOL! If I ever achieve my goal and someone says "Hey man, you sound like (see above), I'll piss myself.

Do you use Spotify or
I know where you're coming from. I'm happy just playing for the money it costs me to get to a gig really. With my last band, I never really paid for much of anything, which was great. Meant earning no money didn't bother me at all.

I have Spotify. Don't really use it all that much though. I find youtube to be much better usually if I want to listen to a song casually. Most the music I listen to is on a huge hard drive instead. =P

Brings me to an interesting question. Songs or albums?
I'm very much an album kinda guy. What really annoys me are people who can't even listen to a full song. They change to the next one before the last one is finished. =P I love full albums, start to finish.
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