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I have been very much enjoying coming out to my family and friends. (work, not so much)(it's none of anybody's business at work)

I live in California. I had four parents (I have three left). My parents have likely been through far stranger things in their lives than I will ever bring home to them. When I came out to them as bi, my dad & step mom spent a long time trying to say, very carefully, so what. I had worked myself into a frenzy listening to other people's coming out stories, and thinking 'I don't think my folks would do that.' but I allowed myself to freak out just the same.

I know my parents really well. I knew they wouldn't care.

I also freaked out about telling them of my new poly relationship. But, here's what else: my added boyfriend was my boyfriend many years ago, and he has remained close to me and current bf. I know my parents already knew this. I know they don't think I should be in relationship with either of them; and they were likely to think that both of them would just mean more complicated heartbreak for me.

So, once again, they didn't exactly say so what, and they were surprised. But they wished me well. I have no doubt I could bring either one or even both to the family home, for Christmas or whatever, and no one would be upset. Funny though, both men love my dad, and have no desire to be at family gatherings.

I don't know my step dad quite as well as my dad, but I do know he loves me. And I was pretty certain his girlfriend has some big unconditional positive regard for me too. She's a southern belle, and was just so cute. I was mostly worried about offending her sensibilities. She struggled for something to say, just because she'd not had such an experience before I think. She said, 'well, this sounds like such an interesting time in your life.' Still makes me smile to think of it.

I know I'm really lucky, and my results are not typical. I might have had different reactions had I done a whole traditional wedding and then said oh, by the way, I have a girlfriend now too. But maybe not. As I said, it is california.

I have been thanking everyone I have told, for being the sort of people that were okay to tell.
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