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Originally Posted by neegoola View Post
would you feel in saying that, from a strictly psyco-chemical point of View, the Christ and the Goddess/Mother ARE the same?
I'll play. No, they are definitely NOT the same. Christ and his 2 Marys (Virgin Mother, and the Magdalene/consort) are archetypes, common in Greek/Roman myth of the the time the New Testament were written. In fact, these archetypes are found in earliest written Sumerian myth of centuries earlier.

Early gnostic Christianity expresses this (see the so-called heretical 3rd and 4th century gospels which are readily available online). Early Christianity was feminist, and one of their gospels brings this to light, showing Christ and Mary Magdalene as two parts of a whole, split and constantly questing to be brought back together, a hermaphrodite.

That said, the Old Testament's main thrust is a hatred of Asherah worship in Canaan and a constant struggle to destroy her sacred groves and orgiastic worship. Patriarchy using force to destroy the goddess worship taints the entire religion for me... and makes Abrahamic/Christo-paganism impossible.

you never mind that celtic people too were murdered by those who brought Christ Goddist message through europe? no? ok.
Right. Though the Irish have had some success keeping Brigid alive while vilifying "sinful" women at the same time.

are you not touched by the fact that people who name christ and officiates rites to Him are entering your energy too as you are in the christ calling out his name (i think that the Spirit has very good antennas)? no, very good for you.
The only possible way to "worship Christ" is to understand him as a spirit within each one of us, entirely identical to the Buddha nature of the Far Eastern philosophers.

have you ever read that we have NO historical prove of jesus existing?
Correct. Christ is a literary figure based on other grain gods of the past, such as Osiris and Tammuz and Adonis and many others. The British had their John Barleycorn as well.

he's never born; that those who needed a new monotheist religion to follow with monogamic mariage to build up a "new" society (in which we still llive) created a Huge/wise character stealing pieces of myths and other ancient wise people studies here and there, not worrying so much about copiright as the official Ancient priests and priestesses were all dead by christians' hands?
Right. Hypatia was the last pagan priestess in Rome, killed by the Christians in the 4th century, her skin scraped off with sharp oystershells as she died.

and that, if he were existed one may consider that no gospel says that he was NOT married on the contrary of any other man living there at that time; so it can also be that he was poly, just authorities didn't let people know and darkness is still around there?
Evidence in the gospels represents Christ as mated with Mary Magdalene/Mary of Bethany. It's just been broken up and hidden.

is your power based on faith?
My power is based on knowledge (gnosis), and I don't *believe* anything without data and proof.

IMO mother mary is not the Goddess, it's the only female image that christians had to let be in order to manage to keep power on people and avoid their revolution.
The Virgin Mary is half a goddess, complimented by the sexual, slippery with oil, Mary Magdalene. One is at the womb cave, one is at the tomb cave. Combined, they equal Sophia, Wisdom, the great goddess of the gnostics.

time passes by, but i still don't com-prehend romance and drama around jesus, above all through pagans; of course it must be a limit i have.
BD, feel free of not answering; i could not keep all these words in silence, but i guess i'm not the first one raising a dust about this subject: i will stop it now. live and let live.
i definitely gave my opinion to Km question, fertig.

have a nice sabbath, tomorrow.
Heh, Saturn's Day, or the day of the Sun? And what does either designation have to do with Abraham or Yeshua? Jews celebrate the Sabbath from Friday sundown til Saturday sundown. So did first century Jews. The Romans spread pro-pagan-da, by getting pagans to celebrate the Christ on the day of the pagan Sun god. And to celebrate his resurrection on Ostara/vernal equinox, and his birth on Yule, the winter solstice.
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